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Wrap bottle

Wrap bottle

Simon Hasan

Simon Hasan works in the territory between ancient crafts processes and industrial design. His work is imbued with a richness and texture borne from the combined use of techniques and materials from these two contradictory worlds.

Laboratory-grade borosilicate glass is resistant to thermal shock and tempered for greater strength. It is precision-made by hand and combined with moulded and wrapped leather sections to provide warmth and contrast. The leather details are further embellished with turned brass fittings. Slight variations in tone and shape evidence the hand-crafted nature of this item.

Care advice:

Leather develops a beautiful patina over time, particularly the natural leather which has no surface finish. oils in the user’s skin and environmental factors will contribute to this. Do not allow the leather to become saturated, blot up spillages and allow to dry naturally whilst it is on the glass. To avoid liquid staining during use, a cloth can be used to prevent drips reaching the leather sections. The leather may be removed by unscrewing the brass fittings and can be fed with Fiebing’s Carnauba cream. Be careful not to deform or crush the leather when it is removed from the glass. The glass can be washed by hand using warm soapy water and immediately dried to avoid water marks. Do not use conventional glass cleaners or abrasive agents.

20 cm
10 cm

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