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17th-25th September

Miniature wedding party figurines

Leticia Aguilar | Mexico

Ocotlan de Morelos, a typical rural town in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca is the home of four Aguilar sisters: Josfina, Guillermina, Irene and Concepcion – renowned internationally for their imaginative ceramic figures. The making of each tiny figurine involves the entire family, from digging clay, drying sifting and kneading, firing and painting.

Josefina shapes the figures by hand, using a maguey thorn to etch fine lines of expression on the faces. Her husband, Jose Garcia Cruz, paints much of the work after it is fired. Her son Sergio’s task is to knead the clay that has already been dried, pulverized, and mixed with water.

Made in Mexico. Each is one-of-a-kind and may vary in size.

The Oaxaca collection is made up of contemporary craft from the southwestern region of Mexico. Earlier in 2016, SCP founder Sheridan Coakley took a trip to the region, where he found a vibrant community of makers whose work is a wonderful fusion of influences. This show presents an idiosyncratic collection of homeware, textiles and decorative objects.

H 4cm

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