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17th-25th September

Molinillo cocoa whisks


The molinillo is a Mexican whisk hand-carved out of local wood - it’s used to froth up hot or cold chocolate, which is a popular drink in Mexico. The froth is said to represent the spirit of the drink. Traditionally Mexicans use solid chocolate which is grated and mixed with milk. Its slim handle makes it easy to twist between your palms, while its smooth pestle at the bottom softens and grinds chocolate as it dissolves in hot milks. Loose rings aid in whipping air into hot chocolate that eventually results in a frothy top. 

Made in Mexico. Each is one-of-a-kind and may vary in size.

The Oaxaca collection is made up of contemporary craft from the southwestern region of Mexico. Earlier in 2016, SCP founder Sheridan Coakley took a trip to the region, where he found a vibrant community of makers whose work is a wonderful fusion of influences. This show presents an idiosyncratic collection of homeware, textiles and decorative objects.

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