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Reduction fired clay patterned vase

Reduction fired clay patterned vase


This black clay ceramic pottery is made in the area of San Bartolo De Coyotepec - the special properties of this region's clay cannot be found anywhere else. Each piece is meticulously cut by hand and baked in a kiln using high-temperature reduction firing.    

The Oaxacan black clay vases are purely decorative and cannot hold water or food. Each is one-of-a-kind and may vary in size.

The Oaxaca collection is made up of contemporary craft and accessories from the southwestern region of Mexico. Earlier in 2016, SCP founder Sheridan Coakley took a trip to the region, where he found a vibrant community of makers whose work is a wonderful fusion of influences. This collection is an idiosyncratic edit of homeware, textiles and decorative objects.

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