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Welles table

Matthew Hilton

The Welles table makes generous use of a solid wood top with an elegantly simple form. The tabletop, detailed with a central divide and angled edges, is available in American black walnut with a Danish oil finish or American white oak with either a Danish or white oil finish. Each plank in the thick solid wood tabletop is carefully chosen then aligned with a timber dowel, and a long grain to long grain gluing joint for an unbreakable bond. The tabletop is braced by metal plates and metal t-bars which are recessed into the underside of the tabletop. These restrict the movement of the timber, whilst holding the two tabletops in position. The subframe acts as a further brace, and adds rigidity.

The leg frames are made from molten iron, poured into two part sand casts. Once the iron has cooled, and has been removed from the mould, the rough edges are smoothed by hand using an angle grinder. The surface is then parkerized through submersion into a phosphoric acid solution. This process protects the iron from corrosion and wear. A light coating of wax further protects the surface and provides and attractive sheen. The legs are attached to the wooden subframe and to the tabletop with mechanical fixings.

If not in stock - Lead time 10 - 12 weeks. 

    91 cm
    240 cm
    75 cm

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