Chicago sideboard - wood doors

Norm Architects | Punt


The designers behind the Chicago collection looked to modernist architecture to inform the sideboards' shape and material palette. The Chicago cabinet with wood doors stands as a tribute to mid-century design.

Product Information
Thanks to its elevated top and position off the ground, the Chicago sideboard is at once structural and visually light. Wood and solid steel are combined to create a minimal framework, onto which an elegant stone top can be added. 

The wood door version features flip-down doors with a continuous grain on both sides, while the 360-degree design, which sees a continuous grain on the top, sides and back makes the cabinet optimal for use against a wall or as a room divider.

Offering a rich choice of materials and finishes, Chicago almost appears as a piece of modern architecture itself. The storage unit is ideal for use in dining rooms, living spaces, lounges and offices.

Also available in a low version, with glass doors and with internal lights. To order the Chicago sideboard in a different configuration, please contact us.

Units and doors in wood. Frame in stainless steel in a choice of finishes. Top in marble stone or wood.

W 230   D 52   H 75 cm


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