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As a highly flexible office system, Joyn permits for the space allocated to each individual to grow and shrink, depending on their needs and the space available. In this way, Joyn opens up new possibilities for workplace planning, as the same configuration can facilitate a wide variety of requirements.

The Joyn office system can be configured over and over again, promising a long-term solution to ever-evolving company structures. It offers a wide range of accessories, in addition to power, data and cable management solutions ideal for modern workplaces.

SCP Contracts

This product is only available through our Contracts team.

SCP Contracts collaborate with architects and designers to source product with confidence. They offer product sourcing, bespoke quotes, project management, consolidated delivery, on-site installation, and impeccable after care.

Their portfolio of projects includes hotels, restaurants, offices, co-working spaces, show flats, retail, public seating, reception areas, and a number of public sector projects such as museums, health centres and schools.

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