Master Debaters

Mark McGinnis

Master Debaters is the latest series of mono prints by Brooklyn based illustrator, Mark McGinnis. The series explores conversations between different types of people based on their cultural stereotypes. Master debaters is so called because it is about the same master conversations revolving around cultural ideas and issues discussed around the globe - sex, war, religion, nuclear proliferation, dictatorships, liberalism, democracy, imperialism, etc.

Each print is like a character in play, representing an icon based on cultural stereotyping defined by religion, nationality and/or political affiliation. Each character has their own 'conversation' which is also defined visually as an icon. When you place two of the characters side by side, a new meaning is created and so the debate begins.

Each design is screen printed by hand. Prints are available facing both to the left and to the right so that any combination of ‘conversation’ is possible.

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64 cm
49 cm

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