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A collection of mouthblown glassware, Stand Up from SIEGER by Ichendorf Milano gets things moving on the dinner table. Inspired by the imperturbable balance of roly-poly toys, the three hand-blown wine and digestif glasses and a carafe pair elegant lightness with unexpected dynamism. 

  • Dia 15   H 23 cm
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Product Information

Whether empty or full, they rock gently back and forth each time they’re touched only to regain their balance and stand up straight once again. It’s made possible by the precisely curved base, whose contact area with the table measures less than a square millimetre.

With Stand Up, four pieces of mouth-blown glassware, SIEGER and Ichendorf present their first joint collection. Launched in 2005, SIEGER is a premium brand based in Germany that aims to enrich people’s daily lives with intelligent, aesthetically pleasing products and to fulfil the demands of the modern hospitality sector.


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