Storage box

Storage box

Pierre Casenove | Pic Vert et Cie

Dominique Jacquemin, the manufacturer is a joiner and cabinetmaker. Descended from 4 generations of cabinetmakers, all born in a small village among Jura’s mountains, he is very concerned with conservation. He works hard to perpetuate a local craft industry and to maintain a high standard of quality, always with an eye on the environment.

The name “Pic Vert” means “woodpecker”, which is a common bird in the east part of France where these goods are handmade using ash, oak and exclusively local wood from the Jura mountains. Inspired by the relationship between industry and craft, Pierre Casenove proposed the concept and design for this range. These storage boxes are great for storing utensils, vegetables and knick-knacks. Also available in Red and Black.

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30 cm
15 cm
12.5 cm