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Tip Ton is an all-plastic chair with an innovative design that allows for an improved sitting position. The chair is stackable up to four pieces, comes in a choice of colours, and is 100% recyclable.

Product Information
Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for Vitra, the Tip Ton chair's name refers to the 'tipped forward' position permitted by design. Research shows that this forward-tilt position causes the spine to straighten and improves circulation to the abdominal and back muscles. With the Tip Ton chair, Barber & Osgerby desired to allow for this health-benefiting position, which prior was only provided by mechanical office chairs. Thus the design offers two sitting positions while remaining an economical and robust seating solution.

The Tip Ton chairs are produced using a single mould and have no technical components, making them extremely robust and 100% recyclable. Tip Ton can be stacked up to four chairs high, is suitable for outdoor use and comes in a choice of contemporary colours. It is a popular choice for homes, cafes and restaurants alike.

Backrest, seat, base: polypropylene. Glides: polyethylene. Stacking: Tip Ton can be stacked up to 4 chairs high on the floor, up to 11 on a stacking trolley. Outdoor use: Tip Ton is suitable for outdoor use. Note: special additives retard the fading of colours due to UV radiation. However, if the chair is exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods, the colour may change over time. Vitra recommends limited exposure to sunlight.

W 51   D 56   H 79 cm
Seat height 46 cm


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