Waste Waste coffee cube

Piet Hein Eek

As the name and appearance of this unique coffee table suggests, Waste Waste is composed of wooden cubes, cut down to 40 x 40 mm from Waste Table offcuts. + More product information + Enquire about this product

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Product Information

The Waste furniture collection, established by Piet Hein Eek in the 1990s, is made from pieces of scrap material rather than new wood. The Waste Waste collection takes that process of reusing scrap material one step further by utlising the small pieces that cannot be used in the original Waste series.

The pieces are cut down into identical squares of 40 x40mm then intricately assembled onto the table in a geometric design. The coffee cube is available in a fixated finish, which involves a double coating of matt water based lacquer so to enhance the natural texture of the wood.


W 88   D 88   H 36 cm

Lead Time
Due to the manufacturing process of this product, the lead time can vary. For current lead time information and available colours, please contact us.

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