Agnes chandelier - 10 lights

Lindsey Adelman | Roll & Hill


Agnes is a collection of chandeliers created by New-York based designer Lindsey Adelman. The 10 light pendant features articulated joints that allow for the bulbs to be rotated and arranged in a multitude of ways.

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Product Information
The Agnes chandelier design centres upon a modular machined aluminium frame with moveable joints. The bulbs can be completely vertical, as if a modern candelabra with a formal appearance. When the angles change, the atmosphere becomes more dynamic and whimsical.

The chandelier is made to order by Roll & Hill and produced in the USA.

Machined aluminium, glass. Finishes: Black, bronze, polished nickel, brushed brass.

W 97   D 81   H 64 cm

Technical Information
Socket: G9
Bulb: 10 x 25 Watt T4 halogen or 10 x 3 Watt JCD LED
Lumens: 1000 Lumens
Colour Temperature: 2700 Kelvin
Dimming: Triac (Halogen only) or ELV (Halogen and LED)
Lightbulbs not included.
Suspension: 1/2-inch aluminium stem in matching metal finish. 35-inch length included with the lamp. 96-inch length available for additional cost. Stem length can be adjusted on site.
Canopy: 5-inch round in matching metal finish
Weight: 4.1 KG


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