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Sebastian Cox | One Tree


A refined slimline dimmable standing light, made with very thin sections of ash taken from the tree branches. It has a round steel base and a vertical steel bar that provides a mount for the wooden box lighting section. On the lighting box, the external side is straight, while the other side, where the lighting element is housed, features a waney edge created from the bark of the ash. This adds an element of unpredictability in how the light is diffused.

This piece is part of SCP's One Tree project, which sees the repurposing of a dying ash tree from Sheridan Coakley’s garden. It’s a project that focuses on wood: how we grow it, use it, and secure its future. The One Tree project seeks to create one-off objects of beauty, which will both retain the carbon from the tree and give new material life to something which would have otherwise disappeared.

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When SCP founder Sheridan Coakley discovered that one of the beautiful ash trees in his garden was suffering from Ash dieback and would have to be felled, he had an idea. Rather than chop it down and make it into firewood, why not invite a set of like-minded creatives to see what they could make out of the tree? And with that simple idea, the One Tree project was born. The One Tree project showcases a range of different objects, by a diverse and previously unconnected group of creatives. Read more >


W 35  D 35  H 176 cm

Sebastian Cox is a London-based designer, craftsman, and environmentalist working with UK woodlands and wildlands. He founded his own company to create furniture and homeware in a forward-thinking, zero-waste, carbon-counting workshop and studio.


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