Rimini Blue - Owl No.49

Aldo Londi | Bitossi Ceramiche


The Rimini Blu collection of ceramics was created in the early fifties by Aldo Londi, the former art director of Bitossi ceramics. This delightful collection of vases and animals is characterised by their unique blue colouring and irregular texture. Today the collection is regularly the subject of research both for its artistic value, stylistic charm and historical importance.

Every piece bears the official Bitossi stamp, a symbol of quality Italian manufacture, each one is individually boxed with a certificate of authenticity and appropriate care.

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Product Information
Each Bitossi piece is engraved by hand with different motifs stamped under a bright blue crystalline. The unique colouring produces a strong character at the very core of the collection with such individual style. The blue colour presents a myriad of different tones and shades enhanced by green and yellow brush strokes. The surface of the clay is deliberately irregular and is embossed with small geometrical patterns. Every piece has been made and painted by hand which can result in small imperfections highlighting the originality and the crafty manufacturing process of the product.


H 15 cm


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