Chaise Tout Bois chair

Jean Prouvé | Vitra


The Chaise Tout Bois is a cleverly engineered wood chair that does not require a single screw. The structural design is visually softened by the natural warmth of the wood and high-quality craftsmanship; a typical characteristic of Jean Prouvé's work.

Product Information
Designed at the height of the Second World War, the Chaise Tout Bois substituted wood for metal, which was scarce during wartime. It became prized as an example of high-quality, mass-produced furniture that could meet the modern needs of society.

The dining-height chair by Vitra corresponds to one of Jean Prouvé's original prototypes, whose construction does not require metal screws. It shares the same proportions as Prouvé's iconic Standard chair, which evolved from the original all wood chair, and features a metal base.

Seat and backrest: moulded plywood veneer in natural or dark-stained oak, protective natural lacquer finish. Base: non-stackable solid wood base; the same type of wood as backrest and seat in natural or dark-stained oak, protective natural lacquer finish. Hard glides for carpet or felt glides for hard floor.

W 46  D 49  H 81 cm
Seat height 46 cm


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