Concrete desk set

Magnus Pettersen | Areaware

Getting organised is often as simple as having the right tools. The Concrete Desk Set by Magnus Pettersen for Areaware is a great way to ensure that everything has its place and stays there. Cast from solid concrete, this set includes a small tape dispenser, pencil holder, and a small tray.

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Product Information
Areaware is a gift & home accessories brand based in Brooklyn & Columbus. They work with independent designers to create pieces that bring a touch of charm to your home. They believe that the best design evokes good feelings, and think everyday objects should be as fun as they are functional.


Tray: H 2.5   W 6    L 16.5 cm
Pencil holder: H 10   W 7   L 8 cm
Tape dispenser: H 6   W 4   L 13 cm


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