Cora pendant - 4 lights

Karl Zahn | Roll & Hill


Drawing its name from Greek Mythology, Cora is a bold statement light that blends hard forms and soft edges. The result is a pendant both solid in presence yet ethereal in its warm illumination of space.

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Product Information
Cora is another name for the goddess Persephone, who was snared by Hades and taken to the underworld. Though eventually released, Hades tricked her into needing to return every year, causing the cycle of the seasons.

Designed by Karl Zahn for Roll & Hill, the Cora collection offers a variety of lights in a choice of lustrous finishes. The cubic structure of the pendant, which appears to be created from a cluster of bars of precious metals, is beautifully highlighted by contrasts in light and shadow.

The Cora pendant 4 light is made to order and produced in the USA. 

Machined Aluminium in Black, bronze, polished nickel and polished brass finishes

W 20   D 20   H 64 cm 

Technical Information
Integrated LED (Included)
Wattage: 28.8 Watts
Lumens: 1050 Lumens
Colour Temperature: 2700 Kelvin
Bulb Life: 50,000 hours
Dimming: ELV or 0-10V
Suspension: 8-foot cord. Length can be adjusted on site.
Canopy: 5in x 10in rectangle in matching metal finish
Weight: 5.8 KG


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