Crean Mate rust eraser & tool cleaner



Perfect for cleaning up secateurs, shears and knives from any rust and grime built up over use, Crean Mate can be used much the same way as a pencil eraser. Add a few drops of Camellia oil to the blade and then rub with the Crean Mate. The rough texture makes it ideal for cutting through resin, rust and sap from your tools, though testing is advised before use on delicate and prized blades.

By popular demand, Niwaki have created a mini version of their best-selling rust and sap eraser. Shop here.

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Product Information
The name Crean Mate not Clean Mate comes from an early mistranslation which stuck. They now cannot imagine calling it anything else

W 6.6  D 4.1  H 1.9 cm


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