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SCP is thrilled to launch a collection of tea towels and trays, designed by a group of designers: Reiko Kaneko, Daniel Eatock, Donna Wilson, Stewart Easton, and Mark McGinnis. This collection blends functionality with artistic flair, offering unique pieces that are both practical and refined.

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Product Information
Daniel Eatock’s designs are inspired by the fascinating marks created by Magic Markers, a nod to the moments spent watching his father draw in the 1980s. His work captures the essence of those spontaneous and magical marks, translating them into contemporary designs.

“I loved watching my Dad draw with Magic Markers in the 1980’s, and discovering the consequential marks the pens made on the sheets of paper that sat below the page he was working on. Even though the ‘Magic Markers’ of the 1980’s are no more, today’s markers still contain ‘magic’ within. I remove their tops, stand them upright, and carefully balance sheets of paper on their nibs, abracadabra…” - Daniel Eatock

100% Linen Union

W 78  H 48 cm

Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Wash at Max. 30° Celsius.
Iron at Max. 200° Celsius.
Do not Tumble Dry.
Do not Dry Clean.

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