Fackel wall light

Umberto Bellardi Ricci | Tacchini

Fackel is the German word for the medieval wall torches that released naked flames on the walls of castles and convents. Inspired by these ancient lamps, Umberto Bellardi Ricci bends a metal bar in two points and lets it run parallel to the wall, onto which he projects a warm and suggestive glow, similar to the light of sunset, thanks to the LED strip positioned on the back of the bar.

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Product Information
Umberto Bellardi Ricci is a New York based German-Italian architect, sculptor, and designer. After years of teaching at avant-garde schools, the Architectural Association in London and Cornell University in New York as well as doing experimental work in cast concrete in the sculpture garden Las Pozas with Mexican collective Tezontle, he established his studio practice in Brooklyn at the Navy Yards in 2019.


W 6  H 192 cm


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