Floris Hovers wooden animals

Floris Hovers | Ikonics


Designer Floris Hovers has designed a series of wooden animals for the Dutch toy brand Ikonic Toys. Consisting of 13 animals, in coloured beech wood and bearing the characteristic signature of Floris Hovers.

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Product Information
The shapes of the animals go back to the absolute essential, and the combination of colour and shape results in a strong composition the designer is most known for.


Crocodile: W 14  D 24  H 0.8 cm
Elephant: W 9  D 2.4  H 9 cm
Giraffe: W 7.9  D 1.9  H 7.4 cm
Hippo: W 8.5  D 2.4  H 3.6 cm


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