Homage to Mondrian

Shiro Kuramata | Cappellini

There is a strong connection between Capellini and the art world, as confirmed by the presence of the Homage to Mondrian cabinet in the catalogue. This design, by Shiro Kuramata, is a celebration of one of the pioneers of abstract expressionism, Piet Mondrian. The paintings of the Dutch painter have been transposed onto wood, creating furniture that is characterized by extreme formal purity; available in two matte lacquered versions with set colour pairings using black, white, blue, red and yellow.

In Homage to Mondrian, each door and drawer is a different size, making it suitable for storing of a variety of objects. These cabinets are equipped with wheels.

  • Yellow/White: H 116   W 99   W 40 cm
  • 99x40xH.116cm
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