Horn bangle - 0.5 cm


Simple yet elegant, this bangle by Abbeyhorn is carefully handcrafted using traditional carving methods and ethically sourced oxhorn. With no two pieces of horn ever the same, each bangle produced is unique and therefore may differ slightly in colour, patination and shape.

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Product Information
With more than 250 years of tradition, Abbeyhorn serves to remind us of the beauty found in nature. Using traditional methods and machinery, the small team of 12 based in the Lake District cut, saw and mould the ethically sourced oxhorn into a range of captivating and functional products.

Ethically sourced oxhorn. Similar to leather, oxhorn is a byproduct of the meat industry, yet often discarded.

Ø 7  W 0.5 cm

Please note these dimensions are an approximation and slight variations may occur.


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