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Andreas Christen | Lehni

The legendary Aluminium Shelf by Andreas Christen was first produced by Lehni for the 1964 Expo (Swiss National Exhibition) and brought to market in 1970. Today, it’s viewed as one of the most important classics of Swiss furniture design.

The Lehni configurator below can be used to design your shelving unit. Please note pricing is shown in Swiss Francs and Euros, contact our showroom team: for UK pricing.

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Product Information
The shelf, which is extremely light in relation to its high load-bearing capacity, owes its stability to the precisely bent aluminium sheets and the cross-brace at the back. Countless shelf combinations can be put together from a limited number of parts. Due to its low weight, the shelf can be moved effortlessly and can be dismantled without any special tools. It can be equipped with additions such as drawers, sliding doors, pull-out shelves, wardrobe rails, and other elements.


W 44 / 88 cm
D 25 / 33 / 41 cm
H 52.5 / 75 / 95 / 180 / 220 cm


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