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Founded in 2010 by lighting designer Jason Miller, Roll & Hill is a contemporary, high-end lighting manufacturer. Based in New York City, they are at the forefront of an American contemporary design movement, working with American and international designers, both emerging and established. 

The Maxhedron is a study in material transformation through light and reflection. When Maxhedron is turned off, its mirrored surface gives it a mercurial quality, being at one present yet disappearing as it reflects its surroundings. The second phase of transformation occurs when Maxhedron is turned on - what was a solid surface becomes translucent, and the lights become a constellation of points.

Materials - Brass, steel, mirrored glass
Metal finishes - Bronze, polished aluminium, brushed brass
Suspension - ½-inch aluminium stem. Ships with 35-inch length. Additional segments available


  • H 43   W 41   D 76 cm
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