Melt mirror IV

Bower Studios


The meltiest of the Melt Mirrors. This piece covers a large wall space with its soft graceful draping effect. The exposed edge keeps the form light and delicate. Part of the Melt Collection; a continued exploration of reality vs. perception through material and form.

  • W 162   D 8   H 183 cm
Product Information

Bower is a New York City based studio comprised of partners Danny Giannella, Tammer Hijazi and Jeffrey Renz. With a focus on mirrors, they explore perceptions of depth, light and self. The company also offers unique collections of furniture, lighting and accessories, as well as artist collaborations, design partnerships and interior design.

Using free-thinking and experimental processes, Bower aims to bring unexpected objects and environments into people’s lives, with reflections taking centre stage. The collection of mirrors are each handcrafted in the New York studio, architectural-grade glass
is thoughtfully sourced from around the world to provide a unique selection of tinted and antique finishes. Mirrors are framed in-house with a variety of domestic solid wood.


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