Night wallpaper


Part of Calico’s inaugural wallpaper collection, Night combines the classic appeal of marbled paper with modern colourways and advanced production techniques.

Made to order. Price per square metre.

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Product Information
Night’s distinctive motif was inspired by marble panelling used in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, altered to reflect the dark final chapters of the French monarchy. Through intricate and evolving microcosmic shapes, the patterned wallpaper appears as if it were a living organism frozen in time, hinting at the interconnection of all things.

To create their collections Wabi, Lunaris and Night, Calico partnered with Dieu Donné, a celebrated studio dedicated to paper-making as a contemporary art form. Together they rigorously tested materials and recipes, creating some of the largest marbled papers ever made, to realise their large-scale unique designs. 

Made To Order
Calico wallpaper is designed to fit each interior perfectly. As a non-repeating wall mural, this product is custom made to specification. Please contact us to learn more.

Total weight: 620.06g per linear metre
Fabric weight: 83.71g per linear metre
Vinyl weight: 527.06g per linear metre
Thickness: 0.38 to 0.76mm
Adhesive: 9.03g per linear metre
Fabric: Highly reflective surface in silver Polyester / vinyl face with non-woven backing.


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