Nunatak candelabra

Anderssen & Voll | Nedre Foss


Nunatak is a four-armed candelabra with an organic shape, hand-moulded from clay, 3D scanned and then cast in iron for a minimalist, yet undiminishing beacon of light.

Product Information

'Nunatak': roughly translated from Inuit to mean a peak of rock projecting above an icy landscape. They were thought to be sanctuaries for vegetation and refuges from the ice below, which to the designers Anderssen & Voll, seemed a fitting namesake for this natural, yet iron-cast structure of light.
Paired perfectly with candles in classic white, or something more decorative, Nunatak grounds any room in nature.

Cast GG20 Iron

W 44   D 20   H 24 cm


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