Of Nature - Wilted chair

Wilkinson & Rivera


Wilted is natural, in form and manipulation. Wilkinson & Rivera's aim was to create soft curves throughout this chair. Steam bending was their chosen method, as it is a natural, non-toxic solution to creative bends in wood, without loss of material. Steam bending is a natural process which renders timber pliable. Steam loosens the ‘glue’ holding timber’s cells together, allowing it to be shaped around a former. The duo use a hand wound winch to wrap the timber around the former and hold it in shape with clamps.

Handcrafted by the artists in their east London studio, these pieces require tremendous woodworking skill. The result is an intricate design that’s beautiful and tactile. Made in a limited edition of ten.

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Wilted is one of four chairs in the Of Nature collection, which marks the beginning of a larger body of work. The project was initially inspired by “Verb List”, an artwork from 1967 by the radical American sculptor Richard Serra. Serra’s Verb List is a handwritten compilation of what he called “actions to relate to oneself, material, place, and process.” The four chair designs are addressed by Wilkinson & Rivera as actions.

Titled Puffed, Wilted, Whipped, and Rippled, the designs are made from four different woods. Each design touches upon traditional woodworking processes: steam-bending, hand-turning, carving, and hand-cut joinery. The duo uses these processes to manipulate the wood in a way that progresses what’s expected of timber furniture.

Wilted is made in London Plane from Stoke Newington, London.

W 35  D 50  H 84cm
Seat height 46.5cm


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