Pawn ceramic side table

Marie Michielssen | Serax


The new PAWN side tables are the perfect height to serve as both a side table and stool. Marie Michielssen's design features a rough stone surface with a glazed layer top, a beautiful contrasting and functional design detail.

Product Information
Designer Marie Michielssen has been an established member of the in-house design team at Serax for over 20 years. She has created countless designs inspired by and intended for everyday life. Her designs have a strong focus on functionality, but because she only works with materials that have ‘soul’, this is in no way at the expense of the aesthetic of her work as each and every one of her designs clearly shows. Marie designs two collections a year for Serax.

Firing temperature: 1140°C Not resistant to freezing temperatures.

Care Instructions 
For indoor and sheltered outdoor

Beige: W 32  D 32  H 39 cm
Black: W 32  D 32  H 39 cm


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