PL2 portable lamp

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The PL2 is the second portable lamp developed by George Sowden for his SHADES collection. With a focus on improving the performance of the battery-powered models, typically suitable for restaurant tables and bar counters where mains power is impractical, as well as indoor and outdoor home use. The PL2 is fitted with a custom-designed and made SOWDEN LED light source. It has an integrated touch-sensitive dimmer control and a unique screw-in fitting that allows it to be replaced when necessary.

Product Information
The PL2 lamp also contains two 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and rather than only relying on lengthy recharging them in the lamp, when flat, they can also be changed easily with fully charged replacements, permitting immediate use.

SHADES is a new series of Lamps developed by acclaimed designer George Sowden. The collection comprises Suspension, Table and Floor models as well as a family of battery-powered designs suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The idea took shape in 2020 when Sowden while working on another project, discovered the extraordinary potential and ability to diffuse light through soft silicone; a non-toxic material that is easy to clean, stands up to impact and conserves its aesthetic qualities without ever showing signs of ageing. Hence the development of the design of various shapes and colours that when assembled in various ways, give life to the multiple configurations of the SHADES collection. The silicone sets the lamps apart even before you turn them on; the colours and proportions are reshaped during use, spreading soft, comfortable light.

ABS, silicone and aluminium

Ø 18  H 30.5 cm

Technical Specifications
Input: DC 5 V, 1.0 A
Lamp type: Li-ion 3,7V, 2600 mAh


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