Silo winerack

Chris Martin | Massproductions


Silo is a wine rack that takes its name from containers and the friend of the Greek wine god, Silenus. The rack which has a typology taken from traditional wine cellars can store 4 bottles per unit and can be stacked up to four units high.

Product Information
Based on a continuous loop, Chris Martin designed the wine rack in an unbroken line of wood, where the bottles rest firmly in milled-out compartments. Silo holds its bottles securely and in a horizontal position. The bottles have a 3.87-degree inclination to keep the wine in constant contact with the cork, something that stops the cork from drying out and spoiling the wine.

Ash or beech

W 44.5  D 24  H 14.75 cm


Key Features

Awarded Interior Design Product of the Year 2024 in Scandinavian Design Awards 2024.

Part of The Little Things collection, a range of smaller furniture pieces and accessories designed by the company’s design director Chris Martin.

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