Vela Centro candle

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Designed by Sybilla for Cerabella the Vela Centro is a set of two candles that fit together in the centre to create a five-armed candelabra.

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Product Information
Francesca Abella started a tiny candles workshop in the Plaça del Pedró in a Barcelona popular neighbourhood known as el Raval, back then the wax was bleached under the Mediterranean sun to make candles that would light up darkness at the end of the day.

But by the turn of the century, the advent of electricity forced the Cerabella candle factory to reinvent its offering to keep the business alive. And alive it remained. Now in its fifth generation, the company is as committed to quality and innovation as it was 160 years ago. The brand is continuously introducing new shapes, scents, and colours, while also transitioning to more sustainable production methods. Each of Cerabella’s exquisite candles is still made in the company’s Barcelona-based factory, using locally supplied materials that include recycled and responsibly sourced soy wax, recycled glass, eco-stone, and 100% biodegradable cardboard packaging.




W 27  D 27  H 27 cm


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