Tequila Sunrise jug

Studio MIST-O | Ichendorf Milano


From the Japanese-Italian studio MIST-O, the Tequila Sunrise carafe is crafted from coloured glass. A juxtaposition of glass elements, the solid white handle contrasting the opaque body. The different colour on the body of the vessel against the clear upper section gives the appearance of the jug having liquid in already.

Product Information
Mist-o is an Italian / Japanese designers duo. Established in 2012 by Noa Ikeuchi and Tommaso Nani.

The studio is a bridge across Europe and Asia and the work ranges from the design of furniture and small objects to spatial arrangements, from limited editions to industrial scale. Tommaso and Noa divide their lives between Japan and Italy working between the two countries to develop their own design language. Even if their background is very different they found a common ground in the research for a meaningful simplicity, combining a poetic approach with formal strictness and functionality.

Borosilicate glass

Ø 11  H 29 cm
175 cl


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