Terra wallpaper

Matthew Day Jackson | Calico

In his Terra collection, celebrated artist Matthew Day Jackson explores the parallels between poured molten lead and aerial landscape views.

Made to order. Price per square metre.

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Product Information
Reminiscent of grayscale photography of the earth or moon's surface, Terra is a wallpaper which captures a sense of wonderous space and adventure. In fact, the design was achieved by pouring molten lead into a large, shallow vessel, allowing ripples akin to rock formations and rivers to form as the metal sets. This uncanny effect is central to Day Jackson's work, and allows us to experience the beauty of otherworldly surfaces, through the enigmatic properties of a perilous material.

Made to Order
Calico wallpaper is designed to fit each interior perfectly. As a non-repeating wall mural, this product is custom made to specification. Please contact us for more information.

Total weight: 435.2g per linear meter
Fabric: Egg-shell white embossed face laminated with fabric backing. Proprietary Polyester/Natural Fibre. 


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