Terracotta plant pots

Reiko Kaneko | SCP


An elegant and refined collection of three different hand-thrown vessels in terracotta. They all vary in height, diameter, thickness and in the shape of the lip. Terracotta is an ancient natural material that derives its rich orange red colour from the high iron content of the clay. Each plant pot is handmade and finished with an opaque pale glaze.

  • Small
  • Int - H 9   Dia 10 cm   
  • Ext - H 10   Dia 13 cm
  • Medium 
  • Int - H 12   Dia 13.5 cm   
  • Ext - H 13   Dia 18 cm
  • Large 
  • Int - H 23   Dia 22 cm   
  • Ext - H 24   Dia 27 cm
Product Information

Unglazed terracotta is susceptible to frost damage. The damage will occur due to freeze thaw. Repeated freeze thaw will cause the surface to flake. This could take several years but eventually corrosion will appear. The amount of time it takes depends on weather conditions.

We recommend storing the pots inside a shed, house or greenhouse during extended periods of cold. The pots should never be left full of water in sub-zero conditions, as the water will expand and cause them to crack.


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