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To-Tie is a collection of table lamps with a distinctive feature summed up in the name. The construction of the lamp was born by putting in relation three simple elements: cable, bar and cylinder. The core of the project lies in the tensioning system, which outlines both the formal and functional qualities of the lamp, entwining them in a mutual bond.

Product Information

The lamp is made up of a series of elements reduced to the bare minimum and held together by mechanical tension alone, without the need for screws, glues or welds. The structure of To-Tie allows its components to perform multiple functions. The light source is integrated into an anodised aluminium bar that not only emits light but also acts as a handle to lift the lamp. Likewise, the fabric electrical cable, besides supplying power to the bar, allows fixing to the borosilicate glass cylinder, whose extreme clarity highlights the geometric composition of the joint. 

Anodised aluminium, borosilicate glass, fabric electrical cable, LED

T1: Ø 20  H 17.5 cm
T2: Ø 20  H 32.5 cm
T3: Ø 30  H 20.5 cm
Cable length: 180 cm

Technical Specifications
LED Module
Power: 7W
Voltage: 24V
Dimmable: Yes
Onboard integrated dimmer
CCT: 2700K


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