Triceratops Dinosuit


This innovative ergonomic action construction toy lets you step back in time and be your favourite dinosaur.

This wearable fossil displays the distinctive three horns and neck frill armour of the mighty triceratops. The operational head, snapping jaw, movable front legs and ergonomically fitted back allow you to roam your realm as a ferocious fossil and experience the feeling of being a walking, stalking, chomping dinosaur.

Product Information

This wholesome series of dinosaur-themed toys began as the side project of passionate Art and Design teacher Ross Padgett who developed the first Dinosuit as an inspiring educational model with students and staff at his school. The dinosuits quickly developed, receiving praise for their natural and traditional hands-on qualities, the positive interaction they created between parents and children when constructing, and their encouragement to spend time away from devices and partake in real physical play.

High-quality cardboard pop-piece panels, nylon operation line, wooden construction rods and velcro fitting straps.

Box: W 60  D 4  H 40 cm
Fits children 6+ and is fully adjustable to fit all sizes.


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