Universal door wedge

Chris Martin | Massproductions


Universal Door Wedge is a sculptural and geometric rubber door wedge that’s designed for easy handling and good functionality and is part of Massproductions’ collection “The Little Things”.

Product Information
The design and product development of the Universal Door Wedge took over 1 year and an important time-consuming part of the process was creating the perfect solution for different doors, whose gap between the door and floor can vary from 5mm to 5 cm. Due to its double wedge-shaped sides, the Universal Door Wedge accommodates most doors, as its name suggests.


W 17  D 4.8  H 21 cm


Key Features

Awarded Interior Design Product of the Year 2024 in Scandinavian Design Awards 2024.

Part of The Little Things collection, a range of smaller furniture pieces and accessories designed by the company’s design director Chris Martin.

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