Wabi wallpaper


Wabi’s fluid design is influenced by Wabi-Sabi and acknowledges the beauty in impermanence, transience, and imperfection. Marbled by hand on cotton paper.

Made to order. Price per square metre.

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Product Information
The wallpaper design was inspired by a rare sample of antique paper found by chance in a New York curiosity shop. Moved by the intricate and evolving microcosmic shapes, Calico experimented with contemporizing the pattern, melding traditional marbling techniques with modern designs to create a series of unique signature styles. 

Wabi is strongly influenced by the Japanese philosophy captured by the phrase “mono no aware” (物の哀れ) which translates to “the pathos of things” or “a sensitivity to ephemera.” The collection was designed to express recognition of the all-importance of minute details, and celebrate the smallest cell’s integral connection to the universe as a whole. Finding the beauty and connections in seeming contradictions, each pattern plays with the complementary relationship between darkness and light.

Made To Order
Calico wallpaper is designed to fit each interior perfectly. As a non-repeating wall mural, this product is custom made to specification. Please contact us to learn more.

Fabric weight: 83.71g per linear meter

Vinyl weight: 527.06g per linear meter
Thickness: 0.38 to 0.76 mm
Adhesive: 9.03g per linear meter
Fabric: Highly reflective surface in silver Polyester / vinyl face with non-woven backing


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