Washable play rug - eco city

Lorena Canals


It’s playtime in the Eco-City. A place where kids learn by playing, where electric vehicles take over the hustle & bustle with their clean and quiet vroom-vrooms. Children can let their imagination run wild on this plush city map washable play rug, complete with its very own signposts, traffic lights, trees, e-cars, bikes, and even an EV charging station.

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Product Information
Lorena Canals is the person behind the firm that bears her name, together with a great team. Extremely creative and very committed to the design of sustainable and solidary products, her practical sense brought her to create the first washable rug in the world. Her obsession with details, quality, and originality, makes the brand one of the most innovative, launching new collections and renewing its catalogue every year.

97% cotton, 3% other fibre. Base: recycled textile fibres

W 120  H 170 cm


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