Weekday table

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Hannes & Fritz’s Weekday Table was inspired by the idea of bringing people together and communal dining experiences. Combining a solid, robust presence with softly rounded joints, the Weekday Table conveys a sense of warmth and familiarity that invites shared mealtimes and a social atmosphere.

Please note that the wood has been dried to a humidity specifically for outdoor use, which enables it to withstand outdoor conditions. Therefore, we recommend that it is only used outdoors to avoid the risk of wood shrinkage.

Product Information
Featuring the same simple construction as the classic picnic table, it is made in strong, durable pine planks that will patinate beautifully and last for many years to come. The Weekday Table’s strong yet universally appealing character combined with its water-based weather-resistant surface treatment makes it suitable for outside use in a wide range of settings, from cafés and public parks to private or shared gardens. Available in different sizes in solid pine in various finishes and colours.


Medium: W 180  D 66  H 74 cm
Large: W 230  D 83  H 74 cm

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