Brewery tripod table

Grythyttan Stålmöbler


The smallest table in the Brewery series is easy to fit in with its 60 cm diameter. It has an electroplated galvanised steel base and wood details in white lacquered oak, oiled oak or untreated teak.

Product Information
The Brewery Series has its origins in the beer houses of the late 1800s. The tables and chairs are designed to offer comfort and stability, even if the evening becomes long and cheerful. The secret lies in the solid, hot-galvanized bases, which work their magic in the garden year after year.

Oak or teak with hot galvanised base

Ø 60  H 72 cm

Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Untreated and oiled wooden components should be cleaned regularly with soapy water using a sponge or a cloth. If necessary, use a scrubbing sponge on wooden components. Rinse with water. Pine and oak components should be oiled when the surface feels dry to maintain their shape and avoid cracking. Teak is naturally oily and need not be oiled.

Key Features

The Brewery collection is made from solid wood and steel components, making it completely recyclable.

The wooden components are FSC® certified.

Made in Grythyttan to ensure complete control of the production process.

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