Liquid stone side table - speckled peach glaze

Floris Wubben | Studio Floris Wubben


Created using an extrusion machine of Floris Wubben's own development, this sculptural ceramic side table pushes the boundaries of function and design. Inspired by defence architecture, Floris Wubben's ceramic pieces showcase the interplay between machines and humans.

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Product Information
Studio Floris Wubben was founded in 2009 and is renowned for its unique products that intersect function and sculptural design. All pieces are made at Floris' own workshop, where in recent years, a great focus has been put on the development of processes and the design of machines for production. Nature and the use of natural materials are key themes in his work, which includes accessories, lighting, and furniture designs.


W 51  D 42  H 51 cm


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